About Us

Welcome on LeccEventi – Puglia Wedding Planners

The timeless italian elegance meets the unconvetional vision. LeccEventi is a wedding planning studio based in Lecce (Puglia region, Italy).

Specialised in exclusive weddings in Southern Italy, it offers an unique experience dedicated to refined couples who are looking for a first class planning service.

Francesco De Giorgi and Katia Sciolti are the heart of LeccEventi. They are two positive minds, business partners and…husband and wife! With over 10 years experience in wedding planning, they are joined by a new vision of perfection, that comes from a deep passion for art and its emotions. This is what they want to offer on the creation of your event: art inspired by emotions and that inspires emotions. Events that reflect your essence, your feelings… exactly like an artist does through his artwork.


Our story began in Viterbo where, for the first time, we met the extraordinary world of the events. We found our vocation there. Rome is been the background of our professional training, of our first experiences and of our little but fundamental successes. On 2008 the birth of LeccEventi; a name with a special story, born in Viterbo totally by chance from a connected project… it was a sign of destiny!


Today, this professional knowledge in continuous development and our genuine passion for our job have made LeccEventi one of the most successful wedding planner companies in Apulia, with the big honour to work every year with couples from all around the world.
And the rest, as it is said, is history!